• 10.08.2024

Full of enthusiasm and smiles, ready for the adventure ahead, we invite you for an unforgettable experience in the heart of nature at the Summer Camp with Iuliana Beregoi and her friends. These 7 days will be filled with exciting activities and memorable moments. Children will explore, learn, and have fun alongside their passionate guides and new friends. From personal development workshops and outdoor adventures to themed parties and thrilling competitions, each day will be a new story to tell and remember in the Poiana Brasov Resort. Let the adventure begin!


Participants age: 6-16 years old


Hotel: Șoimul 3* in Poiana Brașov


The price includes:

  • Accommodation for 7 days/6 nights;
  • Three meals a day;
  • Round-trip transportation;
  • Guidance and entertainment;
  • One responsible adult per 10-15 children;
  • Electronic photo;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Diplomas and surprise awards for all children.


Additional services:

  • Accommodation for adults aged 17- 99 - 90 euros


Pick-up cities:

  • Chișinău, Iași, Roman, Bacău, Onești, Bucharest, Ploiești.



When purchasing the travel package without transportation, a discount of 50 euros/person is provided.


Activities included in the price:

7 days with Iuliana Beregoi

Every evening we will have themed parties and contests with Iuliana Beregoi and her friends (Welcome Party, Karaoke Party, Dance Party...)

Personal development workshop in music with Iuliana Beregoi

Personal development workshop in music with Iuliana Beregoi and her managers Alina Todasca and Cătălin Dascălu

TikTok Life Workshop with Cesar Alexa

Workshop led by Cesar Alexa and Ana Beregoi

Public Speaking Workshop with Ion Curmei

Workshop led by the CEO of Panda Tur: Ion Curmei

Outdoor hiking

Organized hikes on the mpuntain together with all the teams

Recreational activities (Discos, contests, events)

Every evening we will have themed parties and contests with Iuliana Beregoi and her friends (welcome party, karaoke party, dance party, cinema & popcorn party...)

Ziplining and wall climbing

We will climb a huge wall and ride along a Zip Line

Archery, slingshot, rifle, and pistol shooting

We will compete in archery, rifle, and pistol shooting

Themed parties with Iuliana Beregoi and her friends (karaoke party, dance party, retro party, white party, cinema & popcorn party, etc.)

Fun guaranteed every evening

Musical games, Campfire, Picnic....

We will make sure all the memories will stay with us for a long time!

Poiana Brașov Resort, the Pearl of the Carpathians, is the ideal place for children to enjoy nature. This resort will be a huge playground where they will learn and experience many new things alongside their guides, teaching them the importance of teamwork.



Day 1 (August 11)

Welcome to the camp of dreams!

  • Arriving at the hotel, which we will all call home for a week. We will slowly immerse ourselves in the spirit of the camp. We will meet the team of guides, who will delight us with their energy throughout the week. We will choose the teams of Templar Knights and Teutonic Knights. Each team will receive bandanas of different colors, each representing their identity. Participants will choose their captains, the team name, and make a flag that will represent them throughout the adventure.
  • In the evening, we will do a WELCOME PARTY with IULIANA BEREGOI and her friends, where we will introduce the program, anthem, camp dance, and of course, the teams will present their flags.


Day 2 (August 12)

  • The fight for Iuliana Beregoi's Cup of Knights!
  • Today Iuliana will count the points accumulated by each team!
  • It's time to start the competition. After breakfast, we will embark on an obstacle course and participate in various games aimed to unify the teams, yet develop their competitive spirit. In the second part of the day, we will go on a point hunt, where we will participate in shooting sports and learn to be good shooters. The hunt will end with a Pac-Pac competition.
  • In the evening, there will be a Knights' disco, Retro Party with IULIANA BEREGOI, filled with good vibes, music and disco lights.


Day 3 (August 13)

  • The day of friendship and teamwork!
  • After doing some morning exercises and eating a healthy breakfast, we will head out, properly equipped, to Mount Postăvaru*, ascending by cable car, followed by a beautiful hike to the top and back on trails leading to Poiana. In the second part of the day, we will have a high-altitude adventure, where we will test our courage on the Zip Line, climbing wall, and other competitive games.
  • *Cable car Poiana Brașov - Postăvaru - 20 lei/child (the price was valid during summer 2023; this may change in the summer 2024)
  • The evening is dedicated to dancing at the JUST DANCE party.


Day 4 (August 14)

  • 3 Million Dollar Workshops
    • Personal development workshop in music with Iuliana Beregoi and her managers - Alina Todasca and Cătălin Dascălu
    • Tik Tok Workshop with Ana Beregoi and Cesar Alexa
    • Public Speaking Workshop with Ion Curmei
  • In the evening, we will do IULIANA BEREGOI Karaoke Party. Each team will select one or two representatives which will sing Iuliana's songs and prepare a dance, meant to complement the artist's performance. Iuliana Beregoi will choose the winning team of the evening and will sing this song with them!


Day 5 (August 15)

  • In the first part of the day, we will relax at an indoor pool, with balls, floats, and water games, an opportunity to recharge our batteries, ready for all the surprises prepared in the afternoon.
  • In the second part of the day, we will train with all the teams in the most spectacular treasure hunt.
  • In the evening, we will have fun at the Karaoke party where the knights are invited to come dressed up.


Day 6 (August 16)

Hiking Day!

  • Today we will go on a hike in the forest, where we will learn to build a shelter using what nature provides. We will learn what friendship is and its role is in the team's success. In the second part of the day, we will test our creativity by making thematic photos and a small theatrical piece.
  • As it will be the last evening in the camp, we will fill it with good vibes around the campfire, playing songs on the guitar and collecting memories in form of photos, wishes, autographs from IULIANA BEREGOI.


Day 7 (August 17)

Goodbye, dear camp!

  • The last day and the day of the awards ceremony has come! We will film a video with the dance and the camp anthem! We will pack in all the pleasant memories, the friendships formed, all the information accumulated in these days and say goodbye.

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