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Create your own trip, step by step, with PandaTur. We plan it, you relax.
A personalised trip is truly a dream trip. An expert takes care of all the organisation, saving you stress.
At the same time, you remain in full control of the planning process, from start to finish.
Our experiences are tailored to your interests, schedule and budget.




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How it works


  • You contact us and tell us about your desired trip
  • Based on the information we receive, we will contact the best obtainments
  • We contact you to present your holiday proposal
  • Go for a unique trip, specially created for you


Why choose us


  • We have over 12 years of experience
  • We will help you enjoy personalised travel
  • We'll find you the best options available
  • You choose when and where your trip starts


Types of programmes


Cultural and exotic tours


The world we live in is full of surprises, and a single lifetime often seems insufficient to tick off everything we want on the map. If your heart beats to the rhythm of a holiday and you live for adventure, you're in the right place.

PandaTur, one of Moldova's most popular travel agencies, is where you'll always find incredibly good deals on tours. Satisfy your wanderlust and visit the most spectacular tourist destinations around the world. Prefer to get your fill of the spirituality of cultural holidays? Opt for classic tours such as Spain-Portugal-Morocco, France-Belgium-Germany, or add to your suitcase of memories with wonderful experiences in Israel-Jordan, Turkey or Egypt. Or maybe you're a fan of exotic tours. Cuba, Thailand, Peru, India, Sub Africa or China are just some of the destinations where you will spend unique, unforgettable moments!

Depending on your preferences, we offer both cultural tours by plane and coach. Whichever you choose, we guarantee that you won't regret the experience for a second. Arm yourself with energy and a holiday appetite and make the most of every moment. PandaTur's tour guides will make sure that every tourist attraction is revealed to you in its full meaning..


Frequently asked questions


Why choose a personalised holiday?


Taking a personalised trip gives you the flexibility and opportunity to stay in your destinations for as long as you like. You'll get the best advice from our consultants and save time. You're in control and you'll have a unique holiday.


Is there a limit to the length of the trip?


No. Stay as little or as long as you like. Whether it's a few days or 3 weeks, we'll build an itinerary that works for you.


Can I add an additional destination to my custom holiday?


Yes, tell us where you want to go next and for how long and we'll work out the best solutions.

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