Business Travel

Business travel continues to play a significant role in building relationships and developing business in all areas.

There is simply no substitute for a firm handshake or a warm look exchanged with your business partner.

There is no doubt that it is often necessary for business partners to travel to various locations to achieve the desired results.

It is therefore necessary that all business travel is carefully monitored and optimised to the maximum, and reducing travel costs is only part of this optimisation.




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Efficient management of business travel


The expertise of PandaTur's BUSINESS department is based on more than 12 years of experience on the Moldovan market and a network of suppliers developed in all corners of the world.

We understand the importance of efficient organization of time, budget and compliance with the travel policy of each company, as well as the preparation and presentation of detailed reports for the services provided.

We offer our clients comprehensive services with a focus on comfort at all stages of travel: planning, booking, issuing travel documents to any domestic or foreign destination.




We know that every event is important, regardless of its size and complexity. We take your events seriously, whether they are for 10 people or 1000, whether they are internal, employee or customer events. We aim to simplify your work by taking over the responsibilities of event organisation from consulting, concept, planning, implementation, support, reconciliation and through to post-event evaluation.

The PandaTur events team is experienced, creative, innovative and enthusiastic. They will be at your side to organize complex and memorable events, saving you time, respecting your budget and company rules, and focusing on quality of service and participant satisfaction. We make it simple. We are visionary, flexible and know how to coordinate a large number of suppliers, relying on reliable partners worldwide. We find solutions to any kind of problem at any stage of the event and make sure it achieves its goal.


Related services


Reward - gift vouchers
for rewarding top employees


You can stimulate the achievement of your employees' targets by awarding bonuses in the form of valuable or fixed travel vouchers (predetermined destinations). By launching such internal competitions, employees will always be motivated to achieve the results desired by the company.


Employee benefits


Most employees work for a year to enjoy their longed-for holiday. Employees are a company's most valuable asset. All studies show that if they are happy, they are more committed to their jobs, more motivated, more performance-oriented. By agreement, your employees can benefit from discounts on all PandaTur holiday packages.


Our customer benefits:


  • A single supplier managing the entire travel activity of the company
  • Personalised and comprehensive services tailored to your company's needs
  • Negotiated rates
  • Access to our global partner network
  • Optimisation of travel costs
  • Travel safety through verified services
  • Advantageous payment terms
  • Travel advice
  • Specialised assistance during your trip in case of flight cancellations, schedule changes or any other travel incident
  • Organisation of your events from planning to post-event evaluation
  • Compliance with company SLAs
  • Detailed and efficient reporting
  • Specialised help with travel policies
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